Executive TV Producer Mia Jones has it going on. She’s sexy, smart, independent, and paid. She’s content with her demanding career and fast-paced lifestyle, but her sister thinks it’s time for her to slow down and settle down. In an effort to get her sister to do just that, Gwen creates an online dating profile for Mia. 
To appease her sister, Mia agrees to go on a date with an online connection, Black Knight 47, a mysterious man with an impressive bio, but no profile picture. The two have been chatting cordially and Mia finds him interesting. 
Black Knight 47 turns out to be more than Mia thought he would be; handsome, charming, smart and witty. He uses his charm to try and win Mia over, and it appears to be working, but things take a turn at the end of the night, and Mia turns up missing. 
After weeks of searching, the evidence trail dries up, Mia’s case goes cold, and she is presumed dead, although her body is never found.

Being Daddy’s girl isn’t easy for Lori, daughter of renowned Bishop Andrew Daniels, and keeping up the façade of a perfect, god-fearing family becomes exhausting, especially with trying to keep the secret of her drug-addicted, whore-of-a-sister, Rhonda. Not wanting to be a disappointment like Rhonda, Lori aims high, becoming a successful entrepreneur and writer, the apple of her father’s eye. Lori is at the height of her career when she moves into an upscale community, befriends her two sexy neighbors, James and Jonathan, and invites Rhonda to move in with her. But Rhonda, consumed by jealousy, sets out to destroy her sister, and Lori, wanting to break free from her demanding, overbearing father’s hold, makes decisions that the great Bishop Andrew Daniels cannot forgive.

More twisted, seductive, and suspenseful, In Passing takes place four and a half years after M.I.A. A series of tragic events throws Mia's life back into turmoil; an accident triggers old memories, which leads to an unfathomable decision, and secrets are revealed about what took place while she was gone. Mia finds herself torn between the life she has and the life she had. When Mia tries to fix what she's messed up, things go from bad to worse real quick — and the consequences are deadly.